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Performance Mods

Certified Performance LTX Shootout TrophiesAt Certified, we’re proud members of the Jeep community, working on mods making your jeep more capable for off roading fun. Restorations and enhancements for Classic Car Owners, getting your car running better than new.

And with a shelf full of LTX Shootout trophies as “cred,” we enjoy sharing our work—and passion—with performance car enthusiasts like you.

Let us help you complete your mod or restoration project. Our experiance will make sure you are informed of your best course of action. Saving you time and unexpeted costs.

Performance MOD Services

Engine Modifications

Lift Kits

Performance Exhaust

- Headers
- High Flow Mufflers like MagnaFlow and DynoMax®

Suspension Conversions

- Coil over conversions
- Tubular control arms

Performence IMG

Cylinder Head and Cam Shaft Upgrades

Rear Differential Mods

- Posi Unit/Limited-Slip
- Lockers
- Spools

Total Engine Conversions

Specializing in lift kits!

What does a Suspension Lift Kit do?

Clearance. For starters, one of the foremost reasons for installing truck suspension lift kits is to raise the height of your ride off the ground to enable steeper ascent or descent off-road, and higher ground clearance. In general, it makes sense that when driving over boulders, slogging through mud, coasting across the desert, or even just making your way through the occasional forest trail, higher clearance facilitates negotiating certain obstacles. This can often be a tricky bit of artistry to manage, as higher clearance also raises your vehicle’s center of gravity, which can reduce handling.

Larger Tire Fitment. The general consensus suggests that larger tires equate to more traction, right? Well, not entirely. While larger tires may provide some improvement to traction in off-road conditions, there are other ways to improve a vehicle’s traction that are far more efficient than simply bulking up the rubber. Aside from the obvious stylistic discretion, the main reasons for adding larger tires are for higher vehicle clearance for improved performance in mud, deep snow, rocks, and deeply rutted trails. Certain tires designed specifically for off-road conditions can improve traction depending on the circumstances, but the added clearance is the most immediate and direct benefit of larger tires.

A Beginner's Guide to 4x4 Suspension Lift KitsAn article that covers a lot of subjects such as why should I lift my ride, style, performance, factors to consider with truck suspension lift kits and installing suspension lift kits.


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